Meet the beautiful sisters Pippa and Neige from green Calgary in Canada ! They are the brain and soul behind the incredible routine cream. The sisters has been struggling to find a truly natural deodorant that is also effective but with no avail so they started researching to create their own formula which eventually resulted in creating one of the most effective and truly natural deodorant brand, Routine Cream.v

routine. contains only clean, wholesome ingredients. No nasty aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, triclosan, or propylene glycol because we love all the people and why would we put that in anyone's products!? 

routine. is applied with your clean fingers (or a tiny, clean spoon if you'd prefer). This alternative application method eliminates the possibility for the bacteria from your armpits to contaminate the product (as opposed to the conventional stick method) in turn, making it effective to the very bottom of the jar. Hooray!

So, we say love up your armpits! It's okay to touch them- they're a part of you and you're beautiful!

Each jar last 3-6 months with regular use (shelf life is 12 months once opened). 

Tested on friends, never animals.

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