Simply Zen Densifying Concentrated Lotion 2x4x5ml

AED 250.00

Concentrated preventive lotion for hair loss

A leave-in lotion with a high concentration of active ingredients aimed at counteracting excessive hair loss. Its synergistic active complex promotes scalp microcirculation by stimulating growth and helping to restore the hair’s life cycle.

Active ingredients

aloe ferox extract, angelica extract, arnica extract, calamus extract, camphor, cardamom extract, turmeric root extract, eucalyptol, clove extract, Indian kino tree extract, menthol, myrrh extract , nutmeg extract, panthenol, black pepper extract, rice protein, rosemary extract, sorbitol, ginger extract.

How to use

1 . Distribute evenly over clean scalp.
2 . Massage gently using the fingertips.
3 . Do not rinse.

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