Integrity Nourishing Conditioner 300ml

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milk_shake integrity nourishing conditioner is formulated specifically to condition and nourish all hair types, while preserving hair color. milk_shake integrity nourishing conditioner contains organic muru muru butter to condition and nourish hair.

what does it do?

It conditions and nourishes all hair types, while preserving hair color. milk_shake integrity products immediately transform the hair fibre, thanks to the restructuring action of its active ingredients. The muru muru butter is combined with an amino acid complex, a balanced mix of plant based amino acids with restructuring and restorative properties similar to those of keratin. Integrity nourishing is a unique range that restores the hair’s natural components while nourishing and conditioning hair instantly, reducing frizz and leaving hair soft and shiny.

who is it for?

milk_shake integrity products are ideal for all hair types and are specifically recommended for damaged hair.

how do you use milk_shake integrity nourishing conditioner?

1. apply and distribute over clean damp hair

2. comb and leave in for 2-3 minutes

3. rinse well

featured ingredients

In the milk_shake integrity range each formula is dedicated to repairingreconstructing, and nourishing the hair deeply through high-quality natural ingredients selected for the richness of the active substances within them, combined in highly-efficient blends that support the strength and wellbeing of the hair.

milk_shake integrity range is enriched with ORGANIC MURU MURU BUTTER and AMINO ACID COMPLEX that are have nourishing, repairing and strengthening properties. The combination of muru muru butter in synergy with the amino acid complex is the beauty secret to healthy, radiant hair.

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