AED 115.00

Gently cleanses and leaves a pleasant scent on the skin. In 7 different scents:

CLASSIC COLOGNE: with a fresh and slightly floral fragrance.
WHITE CEDAR: with a citrus, woody and amber fragrance.
FRESH BLACK PEPPER: with a fresh, woody and spicy fragrance.
ORIENTAL SOUL: with an oriental Chypre, spicy and slightly floral fragrance.
MYSTIC AMBER: with an amber, floral and oriental fragrance.
DARK TEA: with a spicy, aromatic and woody fragrance.
ORIGINAL OUD: with a woody, fruity and oriental fragrance.
SARTORIAL SAGE: with oriental, aromatic and woody fragrance.

How do you use No.601 Gentle Body Wash?

1. For the bath and for the shower

2. For the bath: pour a few spoonfuls of product into the bath and fill it with water.

3. For the shower: pour onto a damp sponge or directly onto the body and lather well, then rinse.


Botanical complex, a blend of 10 plant extracts with multiple beneficial extracts for the skin
Erythritol, a humectant, helps to keep skin soft and supple
Glycerine, a humectant, maintains the correct moisture level

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