5 reasons why you need a leave-in conditioner

If there is one hair care product that you should never be without, it’s a good leave-in conditioner. This versatile, multi-benefit product delivers much-needed benefits to keep your hair stronger, shinier, and healthier. It even brings the bounce back to curls and can help with your signature scent. Here’s how: 

Leave-in Conditioners deliver benefits all-day

While a good in-shower conditioner can work wonders for dry and/or damaged hair, those results have a relatively short window of time to be delivered. Typical conditioners are designed to be rinsed out—and as a result are typically a heavier, oil-based formula that can weigh hair down if not rinsed thoroughly. Leave-in conditioners, on the other hand, are typically lighter, water-based formulas that deliver hydration all day long.  


Leave-in conditioners help refresh curls and waves 

If you have naturally curly hair, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the “mid-day droop” While this can occur for many reasons, a quick spritz of a light-weight leave-in—like our original or flower formulas—can add a quick dose of moisture to dried out curls. This can help bring back bounce and body to limp locks.  

Leave-in conditioner supports hair oils and serums.  

If your hair is exceptionally dry or dull, you’ve probably heard that hair oils and serums can reduce frizz and add shine. While this is technically true, these products help alleviate the symptoms without treating the underlying issue. Both hair oils and serums work to seal the hair cuticle—creating a smooth surface on the hair shaft that reflects more light. This makes hair appear shiny.  

However, neither a hair oil or serum adds hydration to the hair, which contributes to a lack of shine. Leave-in conditioner is designed to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver moisture internally. Combined with a hair oil and/or serum, you can boost hair health, which improves shine and reduces frizz.  


Leave-in conditioner helps prolong hair color vibrancy.  

By now it should be pretty clear that a good quality leave-on conditioner helps to improve hydration—but did you also know that well-hydrated hair prolongs the life of color for longer than dry hair? By using a leave-on conditioner after ever wash, you can help your hair maintain vibrancy and shine of your hair color, for longer.  

Leave-in conditioner gives a subtle, long-lasting fragrance 

Have you ever heard the trick that you should spray perfume in your hair to make the scent last longer? While this is technically true, please don’t take that advice. Most perfumes are formulated with alcohol, which is extremely drying for hair. However, scents sprayed directly into hairdo last longer than those applied to the skin—which is why choosing a leave-in conditioner with a pleasant fragrance is the perfect compromise. You’ll get your signature scent, while your hair gets added health benefits! 

Try our original sweet vanilla fragrance leave-in conditioner OR our new flower formula!

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