Our aim at Aretha is to promote natural beauty by establishing the highest standard for beauty products with the sole purpose of making everyone feel beautiful.
A great deal of effort has been invested into evaluating what is infused into products, as well as what is on your skin. We continue to set new standards with our sustainable products, high moral and ethical standards, and superior quality. You can choose from an assortment of top beauty products at Aretha. Our brand is rooted in natural lifestyles because it conserves nature, and we provide environmentally conscious alternatives to the artificial and synthetic products the industry produces.
Each petal of the Aretha logo represents Family, Communication, Loyalty, Honesty, Attitude, and Respect.

Family - Our team and our consumers are a family. Sharing our goals with both consumers and ourselves is vital as we believe change starts with the individual.

Communication - Effective communication within our team has brought success in Aretha’s business processes. Being connected with one another has also instilled the dedication to a greater cause among us.

Loyalty - Providing safe & natural beauty solutions is our loyalty toward the planet. Our strongest loyalty is to those who help us succeed in our mission - suppliers, the Aretha Team, and of course, our customers.

Honesty - Being honest with our commitments to consumers is an integral part of Aretha. We ensure the safety of the planet and use of products for our customers.

Attitude - Having the right attitude among our team in terms of protecting the earth has helped in making cohesive business decisions and continuing to stay determined.

Respect - We deeply respect our team and our customers & continue to ensure safety when distributing products. Cherishing the gifts of the earth is at the heart of Aretha.